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Nov 2018

Arthrosis – Dog

Arthrosis is a joint disease that is caused by signs of wear and tear in the joints and can lead to movement restrictions and pain.

In Arthrosis, the cartilage in the joint becomes increasingly roughened and thinner,

the joint can become inflamed and bony material can form.

Usually, an arthrosis begins with the dog having trouble getting up.

The getting up and the first steps are difficult, they move stiff and lame.

Once the dog is moving, many of these symptoms disappear.

If pain comes to it, a dog stresses the joints less and thereby decreases muscle mass and so muscle weakness can develop.

Often they slip on floors – a piece of carpet can help here, especially in the water- and food bowl. Weiterlesen

Jan 2013

Mimi, cat – Lyme desease (borreliosis)

Mimi is a seven year-old house cat and for the last 3–4 years has suffered symptoms of palsy in her hindquarters, general weakness and biting attacks. The owner consulted various veterinarians and even an animal clinic. Mimi was examined there with x-ray, MRT, lumber puncture, etc., but no causes were found for the symptoms. Weiterlesen