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Aug 2017

Luna, Pony – trailer training – animal communication and bioresonance

Luna is a 12 year old riding pony and her owner wanted to drive to tournaments with her.

Without any problems she goes into the trailer, but immediately gets nervous and wants to leave the trailer, as soon as she is about to be left alone in the trailer.

Through animal communication it was clear quickly that Luna connects the trailer with separation and farewell.


Jan 2013

Mimi, cat – Lyme desease (borreliosis)

Mimi is a seven year-old house cat and for the last 3–4 years has suffered symptoms of palsy in her hindquarters, general weakness and biting attacks. The owner consulted various veterinarians and even an animal clinic. Mimi was examined there with x-ray, MRT, lumber puncture, etc., but no causes were found for the symptoms. Weiterlesen