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Mrz 2019

Pineta, horse – abortion – bioresonance

Pineta is a 12-year-old mare, who has already lost a foal for the second time.

Abortion can have many causes:

– Viruses

– Bacteria

– stress and overexertion

– Feeding

– standard of hygiene at mating

– Umbilical cord

– Uterine infection

– Placenta abruption

– Fall

– Trauma

– Twins

– Management and environment

– Disease of the foal

– Other diseases

Of course, the vet has immediately excluded that it is based on an contagious infection, because even more mares were pregnant.

It is very important to observe the mare after the abortion.

In addition to the emotional factors, e.g. fever, uterus / udder inflammation or even laminitis can occur. With the bioresonance analysis, we brought the immune system into balance and rinsed the mare several times internally, in order to prevent any bacterial or viral processes.

Of course, we supported her with homoeopathic remedies in her grief.

Next year she will hopefully give birth to a healthy foal.

Feb 2019

Peppi, Bulldog – Flat Puppy Syndrome – Bioresonance & Physiotherapy

Peppi is a 3 week old english bulldog.

The breeder called me, because she had difficulties in standing and walking for a week already.

After the bioresonance analysis, the characteristic symptoms and the consultation with the veterinarian, the diagnosis was: Flat Puppy Syndrome.

In the case of a Flat Puppy Syndrome, the legs can no longer be brought under the body.

The puppies lie in breast position and only can crawl forward, while paddling with the legs.

It usually starts with the 2nd week of life and stays until about the 5th – 6th week.

The permanent lying deforms chest and joints, which can lead to further difficulties later.

In addition, breathing difficulties, constipation, skin problems caused by urine and feces, visual and nervous disorders and epileptic attacks can occur.

The exact cause is unknown, but there are some theories:

– puppies live on too hard and / or slippery floor

– gain weight too fast

– hereditary nerve functions development delay

Treatment options

First, make sure that the puppies have a soft, not slippery surface.

Physiotherapeutic support is very important.

I can only recommend Nadja Löhrer,

In addition, we have tested with bioresonance analysis, which vital substances, minerals, vitamins, etc. Peppi needs, so that the nerves and the musculoskeletal system get functional again.

Peppi is doing well and no damages are retained.

Jan 2019

Ringo, Chihuahua – Pancreatitis – Bioresonance

Ringo, a 9-year-old chihuahua, was diagnosed pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis can occur ou of a sudden or recurring.

Among other things, the pancreas releases digestive enzymes.

If it is inflamed, the organ can digest itself.


The signs of pancreatitis could be:

– Pain in the stomach

– vomiting – very often or constantly

– weakness

– lassitude

– eat little to none

– diarrhea

– fever

– exsiccosis


The triggers for pancreatitis can be:

– fat food

– circulatory disorders

– anesthesia

– medicines

– intestinal inflammation

– Injuries of the pancreas


The vet treats the pancreatitis symptomatically with painkillers, infusions, medications and special food. Antibiotics are rather not given.

Of course Ringo was accompanied by a veterinarian.

Parallel, we have determined with bioresonance that the villi and the intestinal flora was not in balance and the dog was completely acidified.

Once the villi do not work properly, certain substances can not be absorbed by the body.

We rebuilt the flora and the entire immune system, added all missing vital substances, so that Ringo didn´t need painkillers any more after a short time.

The owners of Ringo now make sure that nothing more can destroy its intestinal flora – such as vaccinations and antihelmintics.

Dez 2018

Breeding regulations for dogs – many Why´s? What to do, if the puppy is with you?

After a client has almost lost her puppy during the prescribed audiometric examination, I have checked out the breeding regulations for Dalmatians.

This much in advance: I’m no longer surprised that so many dogs are ill, supposedly allergic or suffer from so-called autoimmune diseases.

The entire immune system is already severely damaged in the first 8 weeks.

According to the breeding regulations, the puppies must go through the following in their first 8 weeks:

– as needed, but anthelmintics at least once before vaccination

– Vaccinations

– audiometric examination between the 6th and 7th weeks

– microtransponder implanted

Why do puppies need an anthelmintic, if they do not have any parasitic worms?

Anthelmintics can´t be given prophylactic.

Why are they not tested for parasitic worms before?

And then act?

Why do puppies have to be vaccinated?

There is no compulsory vaccination in Germany.

Many veterinarians recommend, if at all, to vaccinate after the 15th week of life.

Each vaccine includes antibiotics, so that the important intestinal flora and thus the immune system

is destroyed immediately.

Audiometric examination

The audiometric examination takes place under anesthesia.

Puppies and young dogs draw extremely much anesthetic, so the next weakening arises.

Measuring needles are pushed under the skin behind the ear and in the middle of the skull,

in addition they get headphones in the ears. This examination takes about 15 minutes.

Can one not use classical manual examination methods and only, if in the doubt, this method? microtransponders

In addition, the puppies must also be provided with a micro-transponder. So, the next, painful injury.

In summary, it means that a puppy must undergo at least one anthelmintic treatment, vaccinations, narcosis and a chip until the 6th / 7th week of life.

Thus, the immune system has been systematically destroyed from the beginning and diseases, allergies and co are almost inevitable.

What to do?

Once the puppy comes to you, you should build up the intestinal flora and the immune system.

For this there are wonderful supportive products, such as: SymbioPet & SymbioPetDog, DiaPastePro, Calapo Dog Darmfit & Immunboost … and of course good organic food.

With a bioresonance analysis, we find out exactly what your dog needs to live a happy, healthy life.

Nov 2018

Arthrosis – Dog

Arthrosis is a joint disease that is caused by signs of wear and tear in the joints and can lead to movement restrictions and pain.

In Arthrosis, the cartilage in the joint becomes increasingly roughened and thinner,

the joint can become inflamed and bony material can form.

Usually, an arthrosis begins with the dog having trouble getting up.

The getting up and the first steps are difficult, they move stiff and lame.

Once the dog is moving, many of these symptoms disappear.

If pain comes to it, a dog stresses the joints less and thereby decreases muscle mass and so muscle weakness can develop.

Often they slip on floors – a piece of carpet can help here, especially in the water- and food bowl. Weiterlesen

Sep 2018

Mimi, cat – Rolling Skin Syndrome / feline hyperesthesia – Bioresonance

Mimi is an 11 year old cat and has been suffering from the so-called Rolling Skin Syndrome.

Most of the time it starts with licking her legs, then the fur twitches, the skin rolls in waves over her back and she races wildly through the apartment.

She seems absent-minded and it often looks like she’s hunting prey, which is not there at all.

The skin is very sensitive and sensitive to touch – hyperesthesia. Weiterlesen

Jul 2018

Fritz, puppy – hiccup

Fritz, a dog puppy, has hiccups – sometimes several times a day.

He hicks between 15 and 20 times each hiccup period.

Hiccups occur when the diaphragm contracts involuntarily. Weiterlesen